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Dreadlocks Story

Film Screening and Discussion


Director Linda Aïnouche

6:00 pm

Center for Africana Studies 

3401 Walnut St, 3rd Floor

About the Film

DREADLOCKS STORY is a historical page which exhibits the bonds of survival of African and Indian culture in Jamaica in view of up-front anti-slavery and anti-imperialist struggles! Due to British colonists, Indians and African descendants have met in the plantations and created something absolutely unique and indispensable to express what they had been oppressed by.

About the Director

LINDA AÏNOUCHE is an Anthropologist who loves working with misunderstood communities all over the world, due to growing up as a child with parents from two different cultures. She was born in France, and has ended up in New York City after having stayed in multiple countries. 

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