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Joshua Bennett, C’10, discusses his debut poetry collection

January 19, 2017

Joshua Bennett, alum of the 2006 Summer Institute and a 2010 graduate in Africana Studies and English, was interviewed by Omina about his debut poetry collection, The Sobbing School. On October 12, 2016, Bennett held a reading hosted by the Center for Africana Studies.

"I really tried to carry that sensibility to the book and to everything I write. I'm using people's time. I know folks have things to do. They have kids to take care of, jobs, or even just have something else they could be giving their mental energies to. So I think the stakes always have to be there for me when I approach the page. Even if it is meant to be read in silence in some ways I want it to sound beautiful when it's given to the air, when it's read aloud."


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