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Affiliated Faculty

Graduate School of Education

  • Kathleen Hall

    Associate Professor of Education and Anthropology

    • Immigration, race relations, and education
    • Citizenship, cultural politics, and national incorporation
    • Class, socialization and social stratification Social theory

  • Daniel Wagner

    Professor, UNESCO Chair in Learning and Literacy

    • Cross-Cultural Studies of Cognition and Socialization
    • Education in Developing Countries


Law School

  • William Burke-White

    Richard Perry Professor

    • International Law
    • International Relations
    • Post-Conflict Reconstruction



School of Arts and Sciences

  • Roger Allen

    Professor of Arabic and Comparative Literature, Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilization

    • Modern Arabic Fiction
    • Literatures in the Arab world

  • Cheikh Anta Mbacke Babou

    Associate Professor of History

    • African History and the History of Islam in Africa
    • Francophone West Africa from the 19th century
    • Contemporary African diasporas in Europe and the United States

  • Rita Barnard

    Professor of English and Comparative Literature

    • South African Literature
    • Post-Colonial African Literature

  • Sandra Barnes

    Professor of Anthropology Emeritus

    • Social and Cultural anthropology
    • Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Complex societies, political anthropology
    • Religion
    • Popular culture
    • Historical anthropology
  • Lee Cassanelli

    Associate Professor of History

    • African history, oral history, and comparative world history
    • The Horn of Africa (Ethiopia and Somalia) from the 18th to the 20th century
    • Social and cultural transformations in Somalia since 1890:

  • Dorothy Cheney

    Professor of Biology

    • Neurobiology
    • Behavior
    • Physiology

  • Steven Feierman

    Professor of History Emeritus

    • History of health and healing in Africa
    • Content and uses of orally transmitted knowledge
    • The place of knowledge about Africa in the social sciences

  • Hocine Fetni

    Assistant Dean for Academic Advising, The College, School of Arts and Sciences Adjunct. Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

    • Islamic Fundamentalism in the Middle East and North Africa
    • Political Instability and Laws of Investment in North Africa
    • Law and Social Change in the Middle east and North Africa - Corporation of Islamic Law


  • Robert Giegengack

    Emeritus Professor of Earth and Environmental Science

  • Onoso Imoagene

    Assistant Professor of Sociology

    • Immigration
    • Inter-Ethnic Group Relations
    • The African Second Generation in the U.S. and U.K.
    • Race and Ethnicity
    • Immigrant Educational Attainment and Social Mobility

  • Hans-Peter Kohler

    Frederick J. Warren Professor of Demography, Department of Sociology

    • Fertility and Related Behaviors in Both Developing and Developed Countries
    • Social Interactions and AIDS-related Behavior in Africa

  • Andrew Lamas

    Professor, Urban Studies Program

  • Mark Liberman

    Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Linguistics

    • Phonetic Evidence for Linguistic Structure
    • Phonology and Phonetics of Lexical Tone in West African languages
    • Application of Linguistics in Speech Recognition and Synthesis


  • Janet Monge

    Adjunct Associate Professor Department of Anthropology

    • Physical Anthropology of Swahili People
    • Neanderthals
    • Paleoanthroplogy
    • Skeletal Biology

  • Lydie E. Moudileno

    Professor of Romance Languages

    Francophone studies, with a focus on the literatures of the Caribbean and Sub-saharan Africa

  • Carol Muller

    Professor of Music

    • Music
    • Gender
    • Ethnography
    • Gospel and Muslim Music in Philly
    • South Africa
    • Performance Studies
    • New Media and Technology
    • Pedagogy

  • Brendan O’Leary

    Lauder Professor of Political Science

    • Nationalism
    • National and Ethnic Conflict-Regulation
    • Democracy
    • Democratization and Electoral Systems

  • Theodore Schurr

    Associate Professor of Anthropology

    Biological History of and Complex Diseases in African Populations



School of Nursing

School of Social Policy and Practice

  • Richard Estes

    Emeritus Professor

    • International and Comparative Social Development
    • Strategic and Long Term Planning
    • Social Indicators
    • Social Reporting


Wharton School

  • Marja Hoek-Smit

    Director of the International Housing Finance Program Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center

    • Housing
    • Finances and Planning
    • Eastern and Southern Africa

  • Stephen J. Kobrin

    Professor of Multinational Management

    • International Political Economy
    • Globalization
    • Global Strategy
    • Impact of the Information Revolution


  • Ian MacMillan

    The Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    • Organizational Competence
    • New Venture Management and Entrepreneurship


  • Ann Mayer

    Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics

    • Comparative constitutional law
    • Human rights and globalization
    • International human rights law
    • Law in the contemporary middle east
    • Women’s international human rights

  • Howard Pack

    Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy

    • Effects of Foreign Aid on Development Expenditure
    • Diffusion of Technology in Developing Countries
    • Role of External Economies in Industrial Development


Perelmen School of Medicine

  • Elizabeth Alpern

    Associate Professor of Pediatrics

    • Childhood Disabilities in Africa
    • Social Work Utilization in Pediatric Emergency Departments


  • Gregory Bisson

    Assistant Professor of Medicine

    • Infectious Diseases
    • Patient-Oriented Research
    • HIV
    • International Health

  • Harvey Freidman

    Professor of Medicine

    Cell and Molecular Biology


  • Shiriki Kumanyika

    Professor of Epidemiology

    • Obesity Epidemiology and Prevention
    • Childhood Obesity
    • Global Obesity Epidemic
    • Food Marketing
    • Food and Nutrition Policy
    • Health Disparities
    • Systems Sciences

  • Timothy Rebbeck

    Professor of Epidemiology

    • Identifying and characterizing cancer genes
    • The relationship of allelic variation of cancer genes with cancer occurrence and cancer outcomes
    • The role of cancer genes in cancer etiology and outcomes in the context of the demographic, biochemical, environmental, and physiological risk factors

  • Donald Silberberg

    Emeritus Professor of Neurology

    • Clinical Neuro-Sciences in the Developing World
    • Child Health and Development in Developing Countries

  • Mahlet Tadesse

    Assistant Professor of Biostatistics