About the Department

Africana Studies at Penn is marked, not only by interdisciplinarity, but also by a cross-regional approach that includes North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and the Middle East. We are committed to a cooperative and cross-regional studies approach that brings fresh perspectives to studying and teaching a new global black studies.

The Department offers a major and minor for undergraduate students, a graduate certificate program, and a Ph.D. Our curriculum represents a broad range of disciplines and geographical interests. Ours is a unique approach to the study and teaching of global black studies and dedicated to training the next generation of scholars in this field.

The Department of Africana Studies was established in July 2012. The doctoral program was established in 2009 and the graduate certificate program in 2007. Its predecessors include the Afro-American Studies Program (1971-2001) and the Africana Studies Program which was housed in the Center for Africana Studies (2002-2011).