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Undergraduate: Africana Studies

The Africana Studies major is designed to provide students with an integrated understanding and appreciation for the African, African American, Caribbean, and other African Diaspora experiences in their diverse dimensions. Courses in the major provide students with a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of the field, as well as the opportunity for regional and/or disciplinary concentrations. Students are encouraged to pursue Study Abroad to enhance their understanding of African diasporic experiences. Students who excel in the major are encouraged to pursue Honors in their senior year.

Students who wish to major or minor in Africana Studies should meet with the Undergraduate Chair to design a program of study. In addition to contacting the Department of Africana Studies, students interested in learning about the major may consult a peer advisor through the College’s Major Advising Program (MAP).

Africana Studies Courses and the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Requirements

Many Africana Studies courses fulfill the General Education Requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences. Following is a list of these courses and the requirements they fulfill. Please see the current course roster for a list of courses that satisfy the Cross Cultural Analysis and the Cultural Diversity in the U.S. requirements. Find Africana Studies courses that fulfill selected college requirements for students in the:

Sector Requirements

Foundational Approaches


Students interested in the major or minor should contact the Undergraduate Coordinator at (215) 898-4967, or by email at to schedule an appointment with the Undergraduate Chair.

Independent Study

Students who wish to pursue independent study for credit should contact the Undergraduate Coordinator at (215) 898-4967, or by email at for information on procedures.

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