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Annenberg School of Communication

Graduate School of Education

  • Vivian Gadsden

    William T. Carter Professor in Child Development and Education

    • Cultural and social factors affecting learning and literacy across the life-course and within families,
    • Intergenerational learning
    • Relationships between literacy in families and issues of culture, race, gender, and poverty in diverse learning contexts
    • Interconnectedness among families' political, cultural, and social histories and racialized identities

  • Howard Stevensen

    Constance Clayton Professor of Urban Education

    • African-American psychology
    • At-risk youth and high-risk boys
    • Family and parental engagement
    • Racial integration and re-segregation


Law School

  • Anita L. Allen

    Henry R. Silverman Professor of Law

    • Privacy Law, Theory and Values
    • Legal Theory
    • Contemporary Ethics and Bioethics
    • Mental Illness
    • Accountability
    • Race Relations
    • Gender and the Law

  • Regina Austin

    William A. Schnader Professor of Law

    • Torts & Insurance
    • Law & Cultural Studies
    • Minority Legal Feminism
    • Economic Discrimination
    • Documentaries and the Law
    • Visual Legal Advocacy (Production)


School of Arts and Sciences

  • Cheikh Anta Mbacke Babou

    Associate Professor of History

    • African History and the History of Islam in Africa
    • Francophone West Africa from the 19th century
    • Contemporary African diasporas in Europe and the United States

  • Kathleen Brown

    David Boies Professor of History

    • History of Race and Gender
    • History of Slavery and Abolition
    • History of Race Relations
    • Atlantic History
    • History of Women
    • History of Sexuality
    • U.S. History

  • Odette Casamayor-Cisneros

    Associate Professor of Romance Languages

    • Afro-Diaspora and Blackness in Latin America and the Caribbean
    • 20th- and 21st- Century Caribbean, Latin American and Latino Literatures, Cultures, and Societies
    • Cuban Studies
    • Cultural Studies in post-Cold War Latin America
    • Latino and Latin American Cinema

  • Angela Duckworth

    Christoher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Psychology

    • Self-control grit achievement psychology character
    • Quantitative research methods

  • Roquinaldo Ferreira

    Henry Charles Lea Professor

    • Black Atlantic
    • Angola
    • Brazil
    • Slavery
    • Abolition

  • Daniel Q. Gillion

    Julie Beren Platt and Marc E. Platt Presidential Distinguished Professor of Political Science

    • Racial and Ethnic Politics, Political Behavior, Public Opinion
    • Judicial Politics
    • The American Presidency
    • Questions of political participation
    • Institutional influences on citizens' behavior
    • Governmental responsiveness to citizens' concerns.

  • Marie Gottschalk

    Professor of Political Science

    • Criminal justice
    • Health policy
    • U.S. political economy
    • Organized labor
    • Welfare state
    • Comparative politics of public policy

  • Theodore Hershberg

    Professor of Public Policy & History

    • Public school reform
    • Regional issues (city-suburban cooperation)
    • Urban-industrial development
    • African-American urban experience

  • Michael Jones-Correa

    President’s Distinguished Professor of Political Science

    • political participation and civic engagement
    • immigrant incorporation, naturalization and political mobilization
    • racial and ethnic politics and identity
    • inter-ethnic contact, negotiation and coalition-building
    • urban politics

  • Carol Muller

    Professor of Music

    • Music
    • Gender
    • Ethnography
    • Gospel and Muslim Music in Philly
    • South Africa
    • Performance Studies
    • New Media and Technology
    • Pedagogy

  • Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw

    Associate Professor of History of Art

    • Race, gender, sexuality and class
    • The art of the United States and the “New World”
    • Polynesian, Brazilian, and African American art

  • Rogers M. Smith

    Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Political Science

    • Public Law
    • American political thought
    • Political Thought
    • Race and Gender Politics
    • Citizenship and Immigration

  • Deborah A. Thomas

    R. Jean Brownlee Term Professor of Anthropology, Graduate Chair

    • Political Anthropology
    • Sovereignty
    • Violence
    • The Afterlives of Imperialism
    • Transnationalism and Diaspora
    • Race and Gender
    • Performance and Popular Culture
    • Culture and Political Economy
    • Popular Culture
    • The Caribbean

  • Robert Vitalis

    Professor of Political Science

    • Race and American International Relations Theory
    • African-American Internationalist Thought
    • The Political and Cultural Economy of the World Oil Industry
    • American Expansionism
    • History of International Relations and Development Studies



School of Nursing

  • J. Margo Brooks Carthon

    Assistant Professor of Nursing

    • History of race and illness (Early 20th Century)
    • Health disparities
    • Healthcare workforce diversity
    • Nursing organization and minority health outcomes
    • Health and social policy

  • Lisa Lewis

    Associate Professor of Nursing

    • Community-based research
    • Health disparities research
    • Healthy equity
    • Social justice
    • Health behavior change


School of Social Policy and Practice

  • Ezekiel Dixon-Román

    Associate Professor of Social Policy and Practice and Education

    • Sociology of education
    • Cultural studies
    • Quantitative methods


Wharton School

  • Aline Gatignon

    Assistant Professor of Management

    • Cross-sector Partnerships
    • Emerging Markets
    • Cooperative Strategy
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Non-market Strategy
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Multi-level Theory