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Africa Lecture Series: Dr. Suad M.E. Musa


5:30 pm

3401 Walnut St.

Dr. Musa’s book uncovers the significance of women poetess (Al Hakkamat) of Darfur Sudan, as instigators of war and champions for peace during the times of ethnic and political conflicts.  Dr. Musa examined the influence of Al-Hakamakmat through their composed and recited poems and songs, informal speech and other symbolic acts, and analyzed their impact in the region’s social and political domains. Dr. Musa book challenges the pervasive portrayal of women as natural peacebuilders and their roles as passive and submissive, by discussing how the government co-opted al-Hakkamat to lobby on its behalf, to rally for war and later to advocate for peace. 

Dr. Suad M.E. Musa is a Freelance Consultant on gender and women's issues. She  previously worked with the government of Sudan and with CSOs and INGOs in the Horn of Africa and Britain, and also worked as Assistant Professor of Sociology at Qatar University.


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