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Higginbotham Lecture:



Brittany K. Barnett

5:30 pm

Fitts Auditorium

3501 Sansom Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Brittany K. Barnett is an attorney and entrepreneur focusing on social impact investing. When Alice Marie Johnson was granted clemency by the Trump administration, Kim Kardashian garnered all the headlines, but Brittany K. Barnett was one of the women Johnson had to thank.

She is co-founder of the Buried Alive Project, a national organization that works to dismantle life without parole sentences handed down under federal drug laws through transformative litigation, legislation, and humanization. 

While working several years as a corporate attorney, Brittany was committed to pro bono representation of clients in federal prison. Her dedication to this life changing work paid off tremendously – resulting in executive clemency for numerous clients from President Obama and President Trump, as well as freedom for several additional clients through the federal court system. 

This event is co-hosted by Penn Law. 

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