Alden Young

Alden Young is an assistant professor of African History and the Director of the Program in Africana Studies at Drexel University.  Prior to going to Drexel, he was a Mellon Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow and a part of the Penn Humanities Forum; he taught in the Department of Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and in the History Department at Princeton University. He is working on a manuscript, under contract with Cambridge University Press, entitled Transforming Sudan: Decolonisation, Economic Development and State Formation.  Dr. Young has a forthcoming article in Humanity "African Bureaucrats and the Exhaustion of the Developmental State,” as well as a co-authored article in the Journal of Strategic Studies “After the Split: Partition, Successor States, and the Dynamics of War in the Horn of Africa.” He is now working on a project on the politics of migration in the Horn of Africa. This project seeks to demonstrate the ways in which different states in that region have shaped their domestic policies to both enforce international regulations on migration while also maximizing their ability to profit from those patterns.


Ph.D., History, Princeton University