Amber Rose Johnson

Amber Rose Johnson is a creative and critical thinker from Providence, RI currently based in Philadelphia, PA. She is currently pursuing a PhD in English and Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, and has previously held a research appointment in the Women and Gender Studies Department at the University of Toronto as a Fulbright Scholar. In her practice, she is invested in exploring the intersections between experimental poetics, performance, and critical theory throughout the Black Diaspora, as well as how various manifestations of “poetics of relation” can move us toward new ways of thinking, knowing, and being together.

Her editorial projects include the exhibition catalog for Colored People Time at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia and the exhibition catalog for Great Force at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Richmond, VA, and her writing has been featured in BOMB Literary Magazine. Johnson is the curator of a conversation and workshop series on creative process entitled Mess + Process, and is the co-coordinator of the Black Cultural Studies Collective, connecting graduate students in English and Africana Studies at Penn with the larger Philadelphia community.