Dominick Rolle

Provost's Predoctoral Fellow for Excellence Through Diversity

Dominick Rolle was one of the Provost's Predoctoral Fellows for Excellence Through Diversity based in the Department of Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Currently a doctoral candidate in English at Emory University, he is also a former multiple award-winning instructor of Emory's "Men Stopping Violence Course" - a community-engaged learning course which challenged undergraduates to interrogate male intimate partner violence against women from practical and theoretical perspectives. Additionally, his teaching interests include courses in twentieth-century African Diasporic literature and online education. His dissertation, "Properties of Confinment in African Diasporic Autobiographies, (1896-1977)" examines the intricate ways in which black male and female autobiographers subvert and redfine their status as property in slavery, military, and prison autobiographies in Haiti, Cuba, and the United States from Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) through the end of the Black Power Movement (1977). A distinguished U.S. Navy veteran, Dominick is also a former regional veteran peer support specialist for the Virginia Wounded Warior Program and he previosuly served as a youth counselor for the city of Charlottesville, VA from 2008-2010.