Hubert Cook

Provost’s Predoctoral Fellow for Excellence through Diversity

Hubert Cook is the Provost’s Predoctoral Fellow for Excellence through Diversity at the University of Pennsylvania. He is completing doctoral work in English and a graduate certificate in Women and Gender Studies at Vanderbilt University, where he works with Professors Ifeoma Nwankwo (Dissertation Committee Chair), Hortense Spillers, Vera Kutzinski, and Ellen Armour. Hubert’s research focuses on affect, emotion, and performativity in late nineteenth and early twentieth century American literature.  He is finishing his dissertation, “Empathy’s Dark Labor: Feeling, Fact, and the Black Subject in Late Nineteenth Century American Literature.” Hubert has participated in Cornell’s School of Criticism and Theory, and he has presented at Dartmouth’s Futures of American Studies Institute. Before joining the academy, he gained professional experience working in college admissions and supporting underrepresented students in international and intercultural student life programs.