Rory Kramer

Rory Kramer is Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Villanova University.  His research focuses on the physical and social boundaries between races in the United State. Specifically, he quantitatively measures role of roads and other physical barriers in shaping and reifying racial residential segregation in Philadelphia, forthcoming in the Russell Sage Foundation Journal of Social Science and invited for submission for a special issue of the Journal of Social and Economic Geography (TSEG). Other research studies the experience of crossing a social boundary, primarily via elite education, either in high school or college, and multiracial identity and racial fluidity and has been published in journals such as Sociology of Education and Du Bois Review. He is currently co-authoring a book on the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the black elite with Camille Charles, Kimberly Torres, and Doug Massey. Other current research looks at the impact of prison locations on redistricting; the association of police violence with race, age, gender, and policing reform; and individual/institutional interaction changes in response to being marked by the criminal justice system.


Ph.D., Sociology,  University of Pennsylvania

Graduate Certificate in Africana Studies,  University of Pennsylvania