Major: Africana Studies with Concentrations

Africana Studies Major (12 Courses)

The following six courses are required for all Concentrations:

Core Requirements (2 c.u.)

  • Introduction to Africana Studies 
  • Introduction to Africa 

Category Requirements (4 c.u.)

  • 1 Humanities course
    (AFRC 176 or AFRC 177 or AFRC 325 or similar)
  • 1 Social Science course
    (AFRC 006/SOCI 307 or as SOCI 006/SOCI 307) or similar
  • 1 Methodology course (discipline open—ethnographical, quantitative, historical methods, etc.)
    • AFRC 120/SOCI 120--Social Statistics

    • AFRC 530/HIST 530--20th Century Afro-American Historiography

    • AFRC 204/ANTH 303--Methods of Urban Ethnography

    • ANTH 318--Evaluation of Community Service Progress

    • ENGL 100--Introduction to Literary Study

    • MUSC 070--Theory or Musicianship I

    • SOCI 100--Introduction to Sociological Research Methods 

  • 1 Upper Level (300-400) research course
    (AFRC 322 or similar)

4 courses within a student’s Concentration: (Must include at least one history course) 

Select a concentration:  

  • African Studies
  • African American Studies
  • African Diaspora Studies

1 Elective Course (1 c.u.)

Capstone Paper – AFRC 399 (1 c.u.)

In the senior year, each student must complete a substantial paper of 20-25-pages on a topic of the student’s choice within the chosen Concentration.  Students are responsible for enlisting a faculty member to supervise AFRC 399. 

Major Application Form

The Minor in Africana Studies (6 courses)

Required: either AFRC 001--Introduction to Africana Studies or AFRC 190--Introduction to Africa; plus five other Africa, African-American or African Diaspora-centered courses. Three of these courses must be at the intermediate and/or upper level. Up to four of the courses may be from the same area of concentration, i.e. Africa, African-American or African Diaspora. Language courses do not count toward the minor.

Minor Application Form (CAS)

Minor Application Form (Non-CAS)