Penn Alumni Reading Club with Akira Drake Rodriguez

Diverging Space for Deviants: The Politics of Atlanta's Public Housing
Dec 1, 2022 at -

Book Club Akira

Join author and Weitzman School of Design Professor Akira Drake Rodriguez for an interactive online discussion of her new book Diverging Space for Deviants: The Politics of Atlanta's Public Housing. Rodriguez's research examines the politics of urban planning, or the ways that disenfranchised groups re-appropriate their marginalized spaces in the city to gain access to and sustain urban political power. This research agenda is particularly relevant in these politically unstable times, where cities continue to marginalize underrepresented minority groups by defunding public institutions, promoting urban policies that subsidize their displacement while limiting affordable housing options, and continuing the funding and support of a militarized police force. 

This program, free and open to all, is co-hosted by Penn Alumni Life Long Learning and the Center for Africana Studies and co-sponsored by Penn Spectrum Programs and the  Black Alumni Society