Dr. Jemima Pierre is a sociocultural anthropologist whose research and teaching interests are located in the overlaps between African Studies and African Diaspora Studies and engage three broad areas: race, racial formation theory, and political economy; culture and the history of anthropological theory; and transnationalism, globalization and diaspora.

Panel 1 - “Thinking Africa in Diaspora & Migration Studies”

Michelle Munyikwa - Departments of Anthropology & School of Medicine
Sara Rendell - Department of Anthropology & School of Medicine
Jasmine Blanks-Jones - Graduate School of Education & Department of Africana Studies
Amber Henry - Departments of Anthropology & Africana Studies

Panel 2 - “Theorizing Race in Continental Africa”

Celina De Sá - Thurgood Marshall Fellow, Dartmouth College, Program for African and African American Studies, Dartmouth University; Ph.D. Candidate,Departments of Anthropology & Africana Studies
Augusta Irele - Program in Comparative Literature & Department of Africana Studies
Aaron Bartels-Swindells - Program in Comparative Literature 
Osei Alleyne, Ph.D. - Departments of Anthropology & Africana Studies; Postdoctoral Fellow, Experimental Ethnography

Guest Presentation - Blackness in Old World Contexts -Discussion of Film

Mame Fatou-Niang, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, Carnegie Mellon University
Astride Charles - Program in Comparative Literature

Keynote Address - Africa & The Project of Black Studies

Jemima Pierre, Ph.D. - Associate Professor in Anthropology & Africana Studies, UCLA