Wale Adebanwi

Presidential Penn Compact Professor of Africana Studies, Director, Center for Africana Studies

  • Ethnicity

  • Nationalism

  • Race, Elites, Media, State

  • Urban formations

  • Intellectual History


David Amponsah

Presidential Assistant Professor of Africana Studies

  • African Religious History

  • Health and Healing in Africa

  • Religion, Politics, and Power

  • Colonialism and Empire

  • Africa–India Relations


Cheikh Anta Mbacke Babou

Professor of History

  • African History and the History of Islam in Africa

  • Francophone West Africa from the 19th century

  • Contemporary African diasporas in Europe and the United States


Rita Barnard

Professor of English and Comparative Literature

  • South African Literature

  • Post-Colonial African Literature


Gregory Bisson

Assistant Professor of Medicine

  • Infectious Diseases

  • Patient-Oriented Research

  • HIV

  • International Health


William Burke-White

Richard Perry Professor Professor of LawInaugural Director, Perry World House

  • International Law

  • International Relations

  • Post-Conflict Reconstruction



Lee Cassanelli

Associate Professor of History

  • African history, oral history, and comparative world history

  • The Horn of Africa (Ethiopia and Somalia) from the 18th to the 20th century

  • Social and cultural transformations in Somalia since 1890:


Ali Dinar

Senior Lecturer

  • Sudanese popular culture

  • Politics of identity

  • History of colonial and post-colonial Africa

Richard Estes

Emeritus Professor

  • International and Comparative Social Development

  • Strategic and Long Term Planning

  • Social Indicators

  • Social Reporting


Hocine Fetni

Assistant Dean for Academic Advising, The College, School of Arts and Sciences Adjunct. Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

  • Islamic Fundamentalism in the Middle East and North Africa

  • Political Instability and Laws of Investment in North Africa

  • Law and Social Change in the Middle east and North Africa - Corporation of Islamic Law



Aline Gatignon

Assistant Professor of Management

  • Cross-sector Partnerships

  • Emerging Markets

  • Cooperative Strategy

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Non-market Strategy

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Multi-level Theory


Guy Grossman

Associate Professor of Political Science

  • Comparative politics

  • Political economy of developing countries

  • African politics

  • Political behavior

  • Causal inference


Michael Hanchard

Gustave C. Kuemmerle Professor of Africana Studies, On Leave Fall 2023 Term

  • Comparative Politics (Nationalism, Race and Ethnicity, Social Movements, Political Culture)

  • Africana Studies

  • Latin American Studies

  • Political Theory (Citizenship, Comparative Political Theory)


Marja Hoek-Smit

Director of the International Housing Finance Program Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center Adjunct Professor Real Estate & City and Regional Planning

  • Housing

  • Finances and Planning

  • Eastern and Southern Africa


John L. Jackson Jr.

Richard Perry University Professor of Communication and Anthropology Professor of Africana Studies, University of Pennsylvania Provost

  • Ethnographic Film and Visual Studies

  • Race Theory

  • Globalization, Transnationalism, and Diaspora

  • Media Anthropology

  • Urban Studies

  • Cultural Studies

  • Performance Theory

  • Popular Culture


John B. Jemmott III

Kenneth B. Clark Professor of Communication

  • Methods for reducing HIV/STD risks in the black community



Hans-Peter Kohler

Frederick J. Warren Professor of Demography, Department of Sociology Research Associate, Population Studies Center University of Pennsylvania

  • Fertility and Related Behaviors in Both Developing and Developed Countries

  • Social Interactions and AIDS-related Behavior in Africa


Andrew Lamas

Lecturer, Urban Studies Program Lecturer, School of Social Policy and Practice


Mark Liberman

Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Linguistics

  • Phonetic Evidence for Linguistic Structure

  • Phonology and Phonetics of Lexical Tone in West African languages

  • Application of Linguistics in Speech Recognition and Synthesis



Ian MacMillan

The Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Organizational Competence

  • New Venture Management and Entrepreneurship



Audrey Mbeje

  • Discourse analysis and second/foreign language pedagogy

  • Foreign language curriculum design and assessment

  • Online and text-based material development

  • Anaphora, passivization, and tense/aspect in the Nguni languages of South Africa

Ramah McKay

Assistant Professor

  • Global Health

  • History and anthropology of humanitarianism

  • Critical approaches to development


Carol Muller

Professor of Music

  • Music

  • Gender

  • Ethnography

  • Gospel and Muslim Music in Philly

  • South Africa

  • Performance Studies

  • New Media and Technology

  • Pedagogy


Brendan O’Leary

Lauder Professor of Political Science

  • Nationalism

  • National and Ethnic Conflict-Regulation

  • Democracy

  • Democratization and Electoral Systems


Neil Perry Sheth

Assistant Professor Of Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Acetablar Bone Loss

  • Pelvic Discontinuity

  • Osteolysis in Total Hip Arthroplasty

  • Antibiotic Coated Artrhoplasty Implants

  • Peri-prosthetic Infection

  • Orthopaedic Surgery in Global Health


Eve Troutt Powell

Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of History and Africana Studies, Africana Studies Graduate Chair/Interim Undergraduate Chair

  • The relationship between Africa and the Middle East

  • History of African slavery in the Nile valley

Theodore Schurr

Professor of Anthropology

  • Biological History of and Complex Diseases in African Populations 

Heather Sharkey

Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

  • History

  • Society and Culture of North Africa

  • Historical Reflections of religion in North Africa

Sarah Tishkoff

David and Lyn Silfen University Professor

  • African Integrative Evolutionary Genomics


Robert Vitalis

Professor of Political Science

  • Race and American International Relations Theory

  • African-American Internationalist Thought

  • The Political and Cultural Economy of the World Oil Industry

  • American Expansionism

  • History of International Relations and Development Studies



Daniel Wagner

Professor, UNESCO Chair in Learning and Literacy Director, International Literacy Institute and National Center of Adult LiteracyHead, Program in International Education Development

  • Cross-Cultural Studies of Cognition and Socialization

  • Education in Developing Countries


Josef W. Wegner

Assistant Professor, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

  • Egyptian Mortuary Complex and Middle Kingdom Settlement Patterns in South Abydos

  • Egyptian Culture and Archaeology


Sharon Wolf

Assistant Professor, Human Development and Quantitative Methods Division

  • Poverty and child development

  • Risk and resilience

  • Early childhood education

  • School readiness

  • Teacher professional development

  • Program evaluation


Dagmawi Woubshet

Ahuja Family Presidential Associate Professor of English

  • 20th-Centure American Literature

  • African American and Ethnic American Literatures

  • Postcolonial and Transnational Literatures

  • Global English

  • African American Studies

  • Gender and Sexuality Studies

  • Poetry and Poetics

  • Race, Empire, Postcolonialism

  • Transatlantic Studies

  • Visual Culture


Tukufu Zuberi

Lasry Family Professor of Race Relations Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies

  • Sociology

  • Human Rights

  • Global Africa

  • Africana Studies

  • Population and Health

  • Film